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  June 6 2009 - Shubert Theater, New Haven, CT

  Nov. 2 2008 - Morgan HS, Clinton, CT

  Seny Tatchol Camara solos

  Mar. 12 2011 - Our Lives, Norwalk, CT

Kouffin Kanèckè Company

The Kouffin Kanèckè Company shares the rich folklore of West Africa and teaches important values through storytelling, music and dance.

Audiences of all ages and backgrounds benefit from a captivating cultural event that weaves together history, social issues, ethics, community and family roles, as well as personal and spiritual growth.

The company is currently performing the following ballets:

Donso Ke is a story about a young woman who is attacked by a tiger in the woods. Her mother solicits the help of the master hunter, Donso Ke, who slays the tiger. The village celebrates his victory and as a sign of her deep gratitude the young woman marries the hunter.

Visage de Kakande, tells the story of a young man who is caught spying on a secret ceremony of initiation into womanhood. Subsequently, the local medicine woman blinds him as punishment. Having learned his lesson, the village pulls together to give him back his sight.